Hurricane Ridge

by Jon Bash

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A compilation of tracks made during my freshman year of college before I knew anything about audio engineering or composing or singing or anything like that.

Hurricane Ridge is a popular (and beautiful) tourist location in the Olympic Mountains, outside of Port Angeles, WA.


released September 21, 2009

Jon Bash performed everything on this album.




Jon Bash Bellingham, Washington

Jon Bash is a composer living in Bellingham, WA, a cozy town between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. He writes music for games, films, and his own (and hopefully others') enjoyment. He also does other things.

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Track Name: The Northern Sun
From east to west, the sun goes by
All across the southern sky
It chills my bones, it warms my soul
The winter comes and goes

The frosted grass thaws over time
The northern sun drives me blind
The clouds they part, the beams break through
The winter comes and goes

If the dusk never ends
If the dawn never comes
The wind will blow, and the storms will show us
That we have everything to lose
Track Name: Opening Day at the Mall
Track Name: Cabin Fever
There's nowhere to go
There's nothing to do
There's nothing to see
There's no one to talk to here

There's nothing to eat
There's nothing to drink
There's nothing to watch
There's nothing on the TV

Everyone's gone
Everyone's out
Everyone's out there
Everyone's somewhere else

There's nothing to do
There's nothing to see
There's nothing at all
Nothing at all

When life is a drag
When you're in the pits
When things aren't going your way at all
Just take a deep breath
Just take in some air
Just slow down and let the world revolve
Track Name: What a Hero
Wash your dishes
Vacuum your room
Pay your bills
And do your laundry
I think I hear someone crying

I've been doing this for years
Been beating my ass
So you can sit on yours

Close the door
And turn the lights on
Read a book
Stop being so lazy
I think I hear someone dying

Don't you think it's time to get a life?
I think it's time to get outside
It's time to make some money
Get out of the house
Don't you think we're wasting all away?
I think our time is better spent
If you'd just get up off your knees
And start thinking for yourself

I'm superior to you
Superior to them
And you can't stop me now

What are we gonna do?
Track Name: Carbophobe
Look in the mirror
See yourself as you are
Don't look in the TV screen
See yourself as you must
Track Name: Henchmen
I admit, I submit, I was laughing it off
I was playing with fire, chewing gum in the shower
Every year, I look back and I see nothing new
Do I still have a friend in you?

Now you stay in the static, if the truth doth be told
Shine the flashlight up high, point the laser down low
You are not the only one that can hold such a grudge
And I know that you won't be the last

I know you know what I've done
Stop pretending you don't even need me

I was dumb, I was young, tell the truth I was scared
[Have I really changed all that much?]
You were so close but your eyes beheld nothing white
[And your skin was frozen to the touch]

Your heart stopped then in its tracks
[Won't you given me some sympathy? It's all okay]

Go and rat me out
Tell them everything I've done
Go and talk me down
Just know this is not the end
Go and rat me out
Tell them everything I've done

I took seven years
To get this through to you
I know it's over now
But I'm still free, and you'll never know

It's just you and me
We're in this together
Don't you see?
We're in this forever
Track Name: Haven
Track Name: Ostrich in a Casket
Penguins live in Antarctica
In a street gang with Justin Timberlake
The platypus is a mammal, yeah!
The dodo went extinct, yeah!

Ostrich in a casket
Emu in a basket
I did all my taxes
Ostrich in a casket

Keep truck-truck-truckin' along
[Can't you see I'm]
Truck-truck-truckin' away
[In the meantime]
Duck, duck out of the way!
[Won't you please]
Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck duck, GOOSE!


Urban ninjas jumpin' all around
Take this picture, put it in the ground
Trippin' on the escalator
You'll forever, and ever, and ever
Track Name: Livin' It Up
Blast off! Take a trip on my ship
Don't look where we're going
It'll be an adventure, yeah
We can see the stars
And rocket arm-in-arm
And nothin' can keep the two of us
From goin' out of sight

The deep-space currents will keep us adrift
And the space dust will grant you any wish
If you find the second star to the left
They say you won't ever grow up

We're livin' it up
'Cause we don't care what's wrong
And we don't know what's right [woo-hoo-ooh-hoo]
We're livin' it up
We found this sanctuary
Where we don't need to know anything
We're livin' it up
Until the end of time
We're taking up this space [yeah, yeah]
We're livin' it up
There's nothing you can do
Trust me, I've thought this through [woo-hoo-ooh-hoo]

Cast off! Sail away on my ship
Don't look where we're goin'
It'll be an adventure, yeah
We can see the seas
And conquer everything
And nothing can keep the two of us
From going out of sight

Because I've had quite enough
Of politics and nine-to-fives
We can start anew
If only we could only start...
Livin' it up

Stop and look around
Feel the same old stale air
Touch the ground
See; the end is near
Track Name: Post-Apocalyptic Blues
Five days in
I am all alone
Everyone has gone
Flashing lights
Still gleam outside my window
And I don't think
This food can really last me through the week

So I'm singing [/screaming/yelling]
If only they'd have known

There might be
Someone else out there in the cold
Just maybe
I could make
A run for it; how long would I last?
Well, I don't know, it's worth a shot
Or would I rather stay and rot away?

Oh captain, my captain, my captain, my dear
How did it come to this?
Track Name: The Northern Sun (Reprise)
From east to west, the sun goes by
All across the southern sky
It chills my bones, it warms my soul
The winter comes and goes
Track Name: Prologue/Epilogue
You came out of nowhere
Asking to clarify
At the start, we can't know

Through withdrawals, through time
Loneliness filled my heart
Patience is a virtue

It's been two short weeks
And it feels like a lifetime to me
You know, everything you do
Like a charm, it brings me in tune
I don't think I'd like to be any other way
Than with you

I know we've got all the time
And I've heard love is blind
I looked up for a sign
Still I can't help but sigh
"All we can do is try"

Don't forget, my love
Though honest eyes cause deceit
We've blindfolded our hearts

Under light of moon
Shining rays through clouds
Shapeless ghosts bring me to you

I never said
I never will
I can't believe
I can't hold still

Out through the trees
Over the creek
Under the bridge
I never will go back

Through the wind and snow
Down the road out of town
I'll never go back

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